Audrey Luft Photo
Audrey Luft

Audrey is the founder and President of the independent Alberta MANPOWER franchise, established in 1958. Audrey’s community involvement is legend. She has contributed her time and skills to take on senior leadership roles with over two-dozen major organizations in education, business, healthcare and the arts in our community. Ms. Luft believes that “Service beyond expectations creates a business beyond your dreams.”

Eric Wiedman Photo
Eric Wiedman

Eric Wiedman is the founder of Wayne Homes and many other businesses and is a Past President of the Canadian Home Builders Association, Edmonton Region. Mr. Weidman helped many European immigrants get established in Edmonton by providing them with employment, fair treatment and sound advice. Mr. Weidman believes, “Hard work is the price of success.”

Harry Buhler Photo
Harry Buhler

Harry Buhler is a founder of All Weather Windows. When the company started manufacturing in Edmonton in 1988 Mr. Buhler established a partnership with the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, funding English as a Second Language Training, providing jobs and other assistance to immigrants, primarily from Vietnam. These workers still form the core of All Weather’s manufacturing staff. Mr. Buhler believes, “A business is built on relationships.”

Larry Anderson Photo
Larry Anderson

Larry started his first business, Growth Marketing Inc., a sales and marketing consulting firm, in 1974. In 1978, he co-founded Lincolnberg Homes Ltd., a home building company, as Vice-President, Marketing and Sales. In 1985, he co-founded ManCap Ventures Inc., a venture capital firm, that included both Growth Marketing and Lincolnberg Homes as initial corporate investments. When Larry retired in 2012, the ManCap Group had built over 7,000 homes, worth over $2.5 Billion at 2012 prices.

Lewis Nakatsui Photo
Lewis Nakatsui

Lewis Nakatsui is a founder of the ManCap Group of Companies and a founder of the ManCap Foundation. Mr. Nakatsui has held many senior leadership roles in the Canadian home building industry, including President of the Canadian Home Builders Association, and is a sought-after advisor to government and industry serving on committees, boards and task forces.

Wayne Berg Photo
Wayne Berg

Wayne Berg, who passed away in 1995, was a founder of the ManCap Group of Companies. Mr. Berg held many leadership roles in the Edmonton and Alberta home building industry and was an early advocate for improving the professionalism of the Alberta home building industry through education, mentorship and by recognizing excellence. Many of the programs Wayne helped initiate have served to improve the Alberta home building industry. Mr. Berg believed that “Vision is the hallmark of leadership.”