Honouree: Larry Anderson

Larry Anderson

Legacy Education Grant Honouree

Larry Anderson is a founder and president of the ManCap Group of Companies and a founder and co-chair of the ManCap Foundation. Mr. Anderson has contributed his time, effort, and leadership to several Edmonton organizations over the years, with a particular emphasis on youth. He is a passionate advocate for education, leadership and entrepreneurship and the values of self-reliance, integrity and social responsibility. Mr. Anderson believes that “Achievement is the result of focused and considered action.”
Larry’s dream from an early age was to start his own business. He used the experience gained in sales to co-found Lincolnberg Homes and then ManCap Ventures Inc. Mr. Anderson’s marketing strategies helped the companies survive and prosper when housing starts collapsed by 85% in the early 1980’s. In 1984, Larry was named Edmonton Small Business Person of The Year and in 2004, he received the Presidential Award to recognize his contributions to the housing industry. ManCap Ventures Inc. is now a One Hundred Million Dollar a year company, a model of Larry’s belief in enabling employees to become partners and fulfill their own goals.

Larry is committed to lifelong learning and shares his knowledge through his speeches, seminars and articles. A gifted speaker, Larry received the Distinguished Toastmaster designation. He held the Dr. Charles Allard Chair in Business at Grant MacEwen College in 2003. Convinced, “life is a promise”, Larry founded LIAP Media Inc. to create and deliver inspirational and self-help resources that will help people live their promise. He co-wrote the title track Wings on his first project a CD entitled Wings of Peace, A Tribute to the Canadian Soldier. His book The Gift at Sanford Pond will be released in the fall of 2006.

Larry demonstrated his gratitude to Edmonton by responding to Edmonton’s crisis in confidence in the early 1980’s, with his speech “ Edmonton, Yes We Can!” delivered to over 250 community groups. He is Co-founder and Co-Chairman of The ManCap Foundation dedicated to education and leadership initiatives that foster entrepreneurship in youth. He is also co-founder and Chairman of The Randy Anderson Learning Foundation, which conducts research and develops programs and media products to assist learning disabled youth and the people who support them. He received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for his work in this area.

Larry lives a joyful, fulfilled life by following his dreams and helping others, especially youth, to overcome the barriers preventing them from living their dreams.